Sunday, October 11, 2009


It's getting cold out.
It snowed yesterday.

I went to Applefest today right after work.
It was a lot of fun!
There were tiny pygmy goats and baby rabbits! So soft and sweet.

I got some apples, pears, plums and a pumpkin.

My nephew is staying with us for a bit while he figures out what job he'll acquire.
So I have someone to hang out with!
We made macaroons a few nights ago. They weren't pretty, but they were SO good.
I like the reflection in the giant earring~ It's my giant bonnet.
My parents at Fishtown.


  1. Hello Helen!

    Thank you again!
    I hope that you'll post a lot on your blog!

    (your link list is impressive!)

    talk to you soon^^